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You are not good enough to tell me lies.

Well as I expected the pea brained, white trash are telling bull once again.
You do not spent money in the town, you bludge off us. you leach off us.
The most you do is keep our town information centres, number counter ticking over. so those poor idiots can run around telling everyone how much the town is booming.

I am getting a great little collection of photos of you scum together so soon everyone in the world will know who you, cheap, mean, white trash are. and with rego numbers too.

please stay tuned, we are sick of you white trash bludging off us rate payers.


No More Lies .

Well I think it is about time we put a stop to this garbage.  I am sorry, but how can anyone look us in the eye and tell us, this Free Camping caper is good for our town.

It is real basic common business sense that for you to make money the user has to pay, and anyone with any simple little brain, will know that a customer who doesn’t pay their way, is not a customer at all.

So a group of people that rock in to a area, and demand that they are given this and that, and what ever else they want, but not actually pay for anything, are bloody con artist, they are bloody bludging on our little town, they are bloody using our rate payers to pay for their holiday.

Ill say that again.  They are using the other hard working people of this little town to pay for THEIR BLOODY HOLIDAY.

So as a rate payer, as a person who does not take lightly to being used. As a person that pays his way when he too travels around the country. Tell me why we have to pay for the building, the mowing, the garbage collection, the INSURANCE. Please don’t tell me if one of these people injure them selfs that they wont sue us, please don’t tell me this will not cost us more bloody money.

And the best of all is that these bloody people did NOT pay a single cent towards this at all.

The rate payers payed for the bloody lot.

And so yet again, another horrific, silly bloody idea, made by a group of people, who don’t really know much better, who should really not be let make any real decisions, have once again done so. And once again nothing will be done about it, no one will admit to making it, or more to the point, none of them will be held accountable for it. It will be hushed up once again as it always is in these little towns.

So if you are a loud mouth, wealthy, con artist, bludging group of people, come to Gundagai. Introduce yourself to these wonderfull poor silly , not real smart, not been too far councillors. Spin your yarn, and watch them throw money at you, because it doesn’t really matter, its not their bloody money, and nothing will happen to them for putting this poor little town further behind. Come, the poor rate payers believe every bloody thing this special mayor says.

Come and use our town , ITS BLOODY FREE.

You can tell them what ever garbage you want. ITS BLOODY FREE.

The Rate Payers are paying for your holiday. ITS BLOODY FREE.

But now look out, because with a camera I am now going to make you bludging, free loading, white trash famous, so every one can see you are a bludger, a user. You don’t pay your way, you leach off little towns, you are the white trash of our country. You are the second class free loaders of our country.